The Far Above Rubies (FAR) Women of Shepherds Vine Christian Centre are a people uniquely designed by God to raise a generation of virtuous women of substance in quality and quantity.

FAR Women are zealous for good works as they seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness. They are godly and God fearing.

Our anchor scripture is found in Pro 31:30, which says “FAVOUR is deceitful and beauty is vain, but the woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised”

SVCC FAR Women operate by a dynamic system of Welfare Team, by which their endowment with true love and wisdom from above is expressed.

Far Above Rubies, an expression of uncommon virtue, which characterizes holiness and verity, is a name divinely given by God and which every woman of SVCC is demonstrating.

They are uniquely led through an uncommon pattern of leadership in their various natural categories.


The Amazons are older women, who are either past child bearing age or been married for over twenty years. These are led by the amiable Deaconess Amanawa, who is also the overall Women Coordinator.


These are women of child bearing age. They have meetings every third Saturday of the month, where they are inspired to ride their personal and family storms, and be victorious in spite of challenges. They are led by Pastor Julia Yerikema.


These are single ladies who are not teenagers or young youths. They include young widows, single mothers and other categories of singleness.

The woman gets brighter, better, fuller and more resourceful as she matures in age.

These are ladies making major advancement in the kingdom and in society, with no stigma or stain.

Where other single ladies are getting worried and desperately cutting corners with respect to marriage, these are ladies making a difference in their areas of vocation and advancing the kingdom. 1 Cor 7:34

They are led by Minister Anne Suware

Come join us and watch your life change gradually to conform to a woman Restored by the grace of the redemption. Far Above Rubies, far and beyond the reach of evil powers and far above mediocrity and obscurity. JOIN US.