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Today’s Message with Rev. Emma Ogiemudia

On the very first day of this year, the Lord spoke to me in one short sentence. He said It is all about attitude.

Bible says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: … (Prov. 23:7 KJV) A man’s thought pattern is how he lives. His thinking is how he lives. Our attitude has to be reset to conform to the way God’s kingdom thinks. Our attitude indeed has to be reset.

You may ask what is an attitude? Attitude is the expression of how a man thinks. It is the outward expression, it is what man does and says, behaves and acts that reflects how he thinks.

Now, the way a person thinks is called philosophy. Now, your attitude expresses your philosophy. In our language, philosophy is actually a belief. It is a held opinion. That opinion or belief shows in your thinking and that thinking shows in your behaviour or what you do.

This is actually a continuation of where I left off last week saying that you are saved.

So, you are saved speaking from the angle of Attitude. This is because the way many of us live, we live as though we are not saved. The way we talk, behave, we do all as the world does and somehow, we disable or limit God by our attitudes. Your attitude can limit or permit God. We must understand this.

There is a way of thinking in God’s kingdom as different from the way the world thinks. Every one of us have attitudes based on personal philosophy based on our beliefs. We all have them. What informs your belief is another matter altogether.

Now, who do I judge myself to be? Who have you judged yourself to be? It will govern how you behave. How you talk, what you do, where you go to, it will govern your whole life. It is called the statutes of the LORD; the way God does things. Now, we must understand that we are not of the world; we are of God’s kingdom and there is a way thing are done as opposed to how things are done in the world. I must judge myself who I really am in the LORD. If I don’t, I will judge myself as to how I am or how I was in the world. So, though I am born again there will be no change at all in my life, I will still function, behave, talk the way I always have. Nothing will change at all.

God’s kingdom is about a change from who I was to who I am in Him. Now, one thing you must understand and have clear in your mind about God’s philosophy, God’s belief which we must have is that God doesn’t make promises. I once said this before and it appears to some not quite clear. God is in one big now. Time is only on earth, there is no time where He resides or in the spirit realm. 

Now, God doesn’t say I will bless you or I will give. Whatever is an intention with God, count as done



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