The God Chasers is a Christian based youth organization aimed at reaching out to young people: creating awareness of the benefits of being a part of Gods family and encouraging self-proficiency, this we tend to achieve through discipline, direct mentorship and engaging their graces.

Basically, We are driven by Gods love, and the hunger to make young people understand that maximum success can only be gotten in Christ.

These are time where immoralities such as pornography, masturbation, cultism, sexual and drug abuse etc, is the order of the day among young people.

We visualize a transformation and reformation in the lives of young people through the help of God, using creative mediums such as conferences, discussion/interactions, awareness talks etc, to enable them do what is right by Gods slandered.


To be the medium/source through which God will raise disciples and ministers (men and women) who in all life endeavour will reflect the image of the SON (JESUS).


TITUS 2:7-8

To raise a people who are disciplined followers of God (disciples), in all things showing themselves a pattern of good works, purified unto God zealous for good works, and will grow to raise other people (ministers).




We intend to achieve our aim through:-


The defined youth conference is one of the major ways God has instructed us to go about in achieving our aim.

Being born again, receiving the HOLY SPIRIT and encountering God is the beginning of transformation in any one’s life, and this God helps us to achieve through ‘’TH DEFINED YOUTH CONFERENCE’’


In accordance with the scripture prv 11:30 (‘’…he that wins souls is wise…’’) evangelism is a priority to The God Chasers.


Being fully aware that young people have various doctrines and ideologies owing to their environment and what they have been exposed to, we intend to re-orient these mind to realign with Gods word, through our programs.


As a result of diverse factor, even those young one in Christ are loosing the zeal and passion that ones strengthened their faith thereby making them redundant in their service to God.

We intend to help them locate their areas of grace and to function in departments that reflect their graces, so they can function in maximum capacity, Bering in mind that you grow in grace only when you use it.


In a proficiency driven society, aside from educational pursuits we intend to help these young people discover, develop, and use God given potentials judiciously.

As part of our plans is to organize trainings and skill acquisition programs.


The bible clearly tells us that love is the greatest, we intend to help them understand that everything we do is driven by love and so they also need to work in love.

As God Chasers we display Gods love by being charitable, and by God’s grace we contribute to orphanages and render support to the less privileged, both in cash and in kind.