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Preparing For Marriage (PREFORM), a meeting for singles with the singular purpose of preparing young people for marriage God’s way, held on the 5th of August 2017. It was a power packed meeting filled with exciting and inspiring activities that was geared towards enlightening singles about God’s standard concerning marriage and making sure they get it right the first time.

The meeting started at 5:05pm with an opening prayer by bro. Jackson, then the worship team led the house in worship for 15 mins. Sis Gold gave a beautiful rendition which had one simple message; God loves us the way we are and has accepted us in him. Also, Bro. Daniel read to the house a beautiful poem titled ‘marry me’ which basically showed the lives of two couples who made different choices when it came to marriage. While one made a wise and informed decision and ended up enjoying their marriage, the other made a choice which they later on regretted.

The word came through our mama, Pastor Kemi Ogiemudia; she spoke on the need to prepare for marriage as one of the ways to have great success in any endeavor is to have great preparation. The crux of her message was that singles should take heed to their spirit, as seen in Malachi 2:16. To marry right, you must first of all know who you are in Christ and then discover who you are in Christ. She also said that marriage is not what makes you complete, but that in Christ you are already complete. She also advised singles to give themselves to the renewing of their minds by the word of God.

There was an interactive session where some persons were invited to share their experiences on relationships and marriage in general – Dr. Azuna’s testimony was a major source of encouragement to those present; Dr Ephraim and his wife also shared their testimony of how they met and got married.

There was room for questions and quite a number of persons asked a lot of questions ranging from what qualities one should look for in a potential life partner to how one can deal with emotional hurts from previous relationships.

The meeting ended with a prayer session, where our mama, Pastor Kemi Ogiemudia prayed for all those who had emotional issues and hurts, she declared God’s word over their lives and also gave words of knowledge for specific situations.

In all, PREFORM was an amazing meeting with tremendous and life changing impact in the lives of those who attended. We were blessed with the grace of God to get it right the first time.


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