Sunday, 11th March, ‘18



Text:               Exodus 31:1-5


There was something that was to be done and God wanted it done well; He wanted it done the way He would appreciate it; the way that was ordained. So He filled some persons with the Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Without these, it is almost impossible to do a thing with skill. The fruit of life for the month of March is the blessing of wisdom. Wisdom is paramount and God in His grace has given that to us. The Bible says in all your getting, get wisdom and understanding (Prov.4:7).


Wisdom is skill, expertise, it is thoroughness. It is doing things with excellence; doing things pleasantly which are the hallmarks of wisdom. This is what makes for growth and elevation. Therefore, you should display skill, expertise and thoroughness at your level. If you do not show skill and expertise at your level, you may not grow to the next level. It is wisdom that recommends you for the higher level.


Reading from Exo.31:1-5, Wisdom comes from God. It comes in a package which is Knowledge, Understand and Skill. Before you can show wisdom, you must have had knowledge, understanding and skill.


Wisdom comes from knowledge. Knowledge has to do with knowing how something or a product works; knowing the kind of person your boss or your subordinate is which amounts to intelligence. It means that knowledge is intelligence and this will guide you on how to go about that product and how to work with your boss/subordinate.


Understanding is knowing why the product works that way or knowing why that person is the way he/she is. Eg, knowing why a machine component is fixed where it is and not somewhere else is understanding.


Skill is the putting together of a thing to a good working condition. It is preceded by the knowledge of how it works and the understanding of why it works that way. For instance, the correct assembling of the different components of a machine is skill. Skill is the edge. Whether you prosper or fail depends on skill or lack of skill. Where there is no skill, there will be trial and error. Armature way of getting things done shows lack of skill. We must not be armature in handling things.


Reading from Prov.3:13-18, the package of wisdom comes with riches, wealth, honour, peace, long life, etc. Solomon asked for wisdom from the Lord and He gave him all of that as well (2Chr.1:11-12). Wisdom applies both in secular and spiritual world- business, academics, family or ministry and God has marked us out with it in whatever we do. Thankfully receive it and put it to use in every aspect of your life.


Read Isaiah 33:6 and ensure that you always walk in wisdom, for it is the stability of your times. By reason of wisdom, you will show skill and you will do well; you will show judgment without sentiment. Amen!