We are the Anointed Men Ministry and our vision is to empower the man to manifest the restored life. We are mindful of the critical role the man plays in shaping the course of those he has relationships with whether they be a spouse, children and colleagues. Therefore, our ministry has the mission to:

Precisely on the 11th of January, 2018 at about 12:05am, I felt this serious and excruciating pain in my stomach, I was virtually screaming due to the pain. I decided to use the convenience so I could ease myself a bit, but the pain kept on strong.  After a while it relieved me and I stood up to flush the toilet.

I started feeling severe head ache, I couldn’t breathe properly, and I could not feel my legs anymore.  I had to call my wife who was asleep to come and pray for me. My wife, in her state of uttermost confusion and distress, said we should go to the hospital, but I faintly told her that if we go to the hospital, I might not come back with her alive. On hearing those words of mine, she resorted to prayer. After about two hours of prayers, I regained myself with all pains and breathing problem gone.

Indeed God showed Himself on behalf of us again.

February 8, 2018

  • empower men to grow in the knowledge of their restoration in Christ Jesus and serve as active propagators of the gospel.
  • empower men to be active servants in the House of God.
  • empower men to be productive in their endeavours.
  • empower men to model Christ in their marriages.

The lives of men are being aligned to the plan and purpose of the kingdom. It is an exciting journey we have embarked upon as we change into the glory of the new in man in Christ. We welcome you to be part of this great movement!