I am born again by the Spirit of God.

Having supernatural endowments.

My life is unfolding the grace of God by the day.

The dawn of this day is a blessing and an open door to greater glory.

I walk through my open door, and enjoy the blessing of today.

Surely, goodness and mercy, life and blessing follow me.

Oh! Lord I’m grateful

In me dwells the fullness of the godhead

I am complete, spirit, soul and body, in the Lord.

The Lord dwells in me, and I exude the life

As a member of the family of the RESTORED.

I am Restored; revived and renewed;

I am Enterprising; creative and doing well

I am Strong; making things happen

I am Triumphant; victorious over sin

I am an Overcomer; showing dominion

I am Reloaded; ever ready to go

I am Engaging; drawing men to Christ

I am Driven by His Spirit; filled with youthful energy

Oh! Lord I’m grateful

I have uncommon favour from above

I have unprecedented help from the Lord

No dog shall move its tongue against me

My case is different; I am differentiated

Oh! Lord I’m grateful

I live life in full, having been redeemed.

My full life is so abundant and overflows to others

The light of life shines forth from me

Giving life to those around me.

Salvation belongs to God

Death has been abolished at the cross;

The works of the devil have been destroyed;

Life and immortality have been manifested;

The glory of Eden has been restored.