The children Ministry of Shepherd’s Vine Christian Centre exists to provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment in which to teach our children the importance of personal relationship with our savior Jesus Christ.

The mission of the Children Ministry is to partner with family members and the church in instilling a deep seated desire to:

• Love Christ (Know)
• Live for Christ (Serve)
• Lead others to Christ (Evangelise)

The Children Ministry of SVCC is grouped into the following ages:

• Ruby Hall – Infants to 3years
• Emerald Hall – 4years to 6years
• Gold Hall – 7years to 9years
• Diamond Hall – 10years to 13years

Our curriculum is helps our children grow in the acts of service, obedience, worship, study and prayer. It is also designed to give our children an understanding of the flow of Bible events, so they are able to know God and recognize how God has worked throughout history to restore a living and right relationship with His people.

The following programs are organised by the Children Ministry:

• Children Prayer and Fasting: This is slated for every 3rd Saturday of the month. This program is to groom our children in praise, worship, fasting and evangelism.

• Children’s Day Celebration: The children are celebrated every 27th of May each year.

• Children Convention: The Children Convention is held in the month of September every year. Children from all our branch churches also are part of the convention.

• Stewards Fasting and Prayers: This is held every 2nd Saturday of the 2nd month of the quarter.

• Stewards Lovefeast/Training: Stewards lovefeast and training is done twice in a year.